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We are here for Working Parents with young children

Our childcare services are designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for your child while you take care of the tasks and responsibilities that keep your household running.

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We offer a variety of age-appropriate activities, including art, music, sensory play, and story time, to encourage exploration and discovery. Our facility is clean and well-maintained, with strict health and safety protocols in place.

We are committed to providing the highest quality childcare services and building strong, positive relationships with families.


Finding the right childcare solution for your family can be a challenging and overwhelming process. At iKid House, we understand the importance of entrusting your child’s care to a reliable and nurturing environment.


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ken ng
Ken Ng
Great care and great teachers. My son has learnt and developed tremendously under the watchful guidance of the teachers. Except for the occassional flu that goes around, i highly recommend iKid House. Thank you Teachers and Nannys!
jessica chin
Jessica Chen
No regrets sending my son to this place. Fees are reasonable and they provide food made with healthy ingredients. My son learnt quite fast and develop good discipline from this centre.
Nai Kong Lee
I have sent my daughter there for the past 2 years and all I can say is they have a very caring environment with professional caretakers. So glad I found Ikid house. Thank you for the wonderful centre, Jen!
Liyar Choo
My son developed a lot since he joined Ikid. He had speech delayed and was diagnosed with Autism after he joined Ikid. Jen and her team putting a lot of effort and love towards educating and care about him, after 6 months he shows significant improvements on eye contacts, body languages and he started to speak and sing! All the credits belongs to Ikid!
jessica chin
Ken Ng

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Annual Concert
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Year End Fun
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Field Trip: Gardening
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