Saturday, October 20, 2012

iPad everywhere!

Wherever I go, I see children holding onto an iPad or other different types of tablets. In the restaurants, shopping malls, cars and at home.

Some parents think that the tablet devices are good. The apps downloaded are all educational games that promote thinking skills. Moreover it can make the children sit down quietly without making a mess or a fuss, especially in restaurants.

Yet, there are some parents will say a big "NO" to tablet because it stops children from communicating with each other. The world is between the screen and them and no one and nothing else matter.

What do you think as a parent? It is something worth pondering about....

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How CLEVER is your baby?

I once saw this title "How Clever is Your Baby?" in a book store. I started to ask myself how clever a baby can become.

Right brain development, nutritious food, organic food seems to be popular topics among parents. Parents will spend the money for their babies when they are convinced that it will help their babies to grow. I salute these parents for doing all these because of their love to their little angels.

But what exactly can help babies to grow? It is certainly not academic for the first 3 years and I am sure all parents know about it. Meeting milestones according to their age is what really counts. They gain independence during this period. Their brains grow in complexity with a rich network of brain cells that represent what they have learned so far and determine what they will learn in the years to come. By the age of 3, babies have laid down the basis for their all future learning.

How to meet milestones according to their age then?

The most important thing is to concentrate on his/her well being because babies will need to develop and learn from head to toe. Building a healthy body is vital. Healthy brain development depends a lot on a good supply of good fats, proteins and minerals. The brain needs glucose in order to function, therefore, getting enough of calories is important.

We also need to provide opportunities for the babies to explore. Touch, smell, vision, sound and taste; that's how they explore and that's how they get stimulated. But too much of these activities will not be helpful as well. So there must be a balance. We need to be sensitive to them and know when they are ready for the next learning curve.

When babies learn to speak, they learn what words sound like and what they mean. Crucially, language actually expands their thinking. Growing word power widens young children's horizons and literally change their lives!

When helping babies to meet their milestone, I think we should all have the word BALANCE in our mind. Too much or too little of certain areas might give the otherwise effect on babies.

No one can determine whether your baby is clever or not but we all can do our part to make sure they get stimulated the RIGHT way.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Fun Time!

Wow! Time passes by so fast! It has been a month spending time with these little children. They are unique and fun in their own way. Looking forward to many more sweet memories with them.