Thursday, May 21, 2020

Tips to Educate Children During This Pandemic

Educating children during this pandemic is not easy, but it is necessary. It is essential to start from home, not only through stories and comics, but with the example of parents, grandparents, ... since they are significant figures for them. Punishment is not always the most educated tool for children to perform appropriate acts. It is better to show them the right thing by example.

  • Read stories and tales , in which the values ​​that the protagonist possesses are shown. The stories are significant, especially in childhood. Children always want to look like the hero / protagonist of the story. Hence, if he adopts positive behaviors, they want to be like them and adopt those values.

  • Set an example : it is useless to say to the child "one should not be selfish", if at home then the parents are. Leading by example is always the best option. In addition, we must talk to our children about why certain values ​​such as respect, honesty or responsibility are so important. School is another key environment for teaching values, such as respect and tolerance .

  • Teach them from a very young age the values ​​that must be followed . When children are young, they are not very clear about what is right and wrong and they are carried away by emotions. That is why it is important that, from the parents, teachers and closest environments, they are instructed in certain values, always with a justification and so that the child understands why it is necessary to be / behave in certain ways.

  • Tell them clearly (and in a language they understand) what certain values ​​mean . We cannot say to our children "you are very loyal" if they do not know what it means. It is better to give a clear and simple definition of what certain words mean, give examples of when you are like that, and even lean on certain stories with morals so that they understand it better.

  • Educating in values ​​involves continuous teaching , not only when they are children. And as I said earlier, it is significant at any age of our life.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Learning Continues Despite the Pandemic

People said schools are closed during COVID-19 pandemic. But the truth is, only school buildings are closed. The learning still continues through our virtual learning portal.

This way, we can still teach our beloved kids the values life. Continue to support our playhouse until this pandemic is over.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day

Upon giving birth, taking care of children, and helping them to be better persons, mothers' love is incomparable and there's no words to describe their love for their children. 

Mothers are the warriors that don't need swords and guns. Their one and only weapon to conquer the world is their love. 

That's why our staffs want to thank all mothers around the world. Happy Mother's Day!